Faith Life Social Network Privacy Policy


  1. All information we collect from you during signup is kept within our system and is never distributed to 3rd parties.

  2. Your profile and posts on the site are not searchable by Google or any other search engine. Our network is private and closed to the public view.

  3. You have the option to make your posts public to all members of Faith Life Friends Network or only to those you are friends with.

  4. You can choose to hide your online status to others by going to your profile information page and clicking on checkbox to "hide" online status.

  5. You can also choose who can see your profile within the network -- everyone, only friends or no one.
  6. We do use cookies that are stored in your web browser -- but it is only to keep you logged into the network and to send you internal site notifications.

  7. That's it! Our simple privacy policy. Enjoy the Faith Life Friends Network!