What if Yahoo Bought Google in 2002

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Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special article. Today I will be asking a good question. What if Yahoo bought Google in 2002?



In 2002, Yahoo offered Google Three Billion USD to acquire the company. Google said no and held out for Five Million USD. The deal fell through.




As some of you may know, Google is dominant in advertisements, search, mobile, and has led research in sectors such as AI and driverless cars. Meanwhile, Yahoo tried to make a phone with Google's Android and failed. So what if Yahoo bought Google in 2002? Would Yahoo own Android? Would Windows Mobile be king?  Would YouTube be popular? Let's Investigate. 


In 1998, Google wanted to sell the Page Rank system to Yahoo. This was better than the system that Yahoo used at the time. However, Yahoo did not want to send people away from its sites and services. This contrasted with the way Google’s Page Rak sent users to the most relevant website.  In 2002 Yahoo wanted to buy Google but did not want to pay the 5 billion USD asking price. In the period of 1997 to 1999 Yahoo was growing. They acquired many tech companies that would become the basis of their online services. For example, they acquired Rocketmail, which became Yahoo Mail. They also acquired ClassicGames.com and turned it into Yahoo Games. In 1998 Yahoo also launched its instant messaging service, and in 1999 they renamed it Yahoo! Messenger.  In 2000, Yahoo got a deal with Google that would allow them to use the Google engine.  (Source Wikipedia) These deals and acquisitions highlight Yahoo's desire to be the Web’s one-stop shop. This leads us to 2002. In 2002, Yahoo acquired other search engines to make its search engine better. Unfortunately for Yahoo, they could not buy Google. 

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