Leaving Facebook? Use DropBox to transfer your media before you close your account.

Using The Data Transfer Project Tools

How to transfer your videos and images

First open a Dropbox account. You will get 2GB of free storage space when you sign up.

Please take note that you can only export one media type at a time. If you want to transfer a combination of photos and videos, you will need to finish the process for one and then repeat the steps to export the other.

You will need your Facebook password before you begin as you will need it during the transfer process.

To begin simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in to Facebook.com or open the Facebook app on your phone.
  2. Click the downward arrow in the top-right corner (desktop) or use the three-line menu on the mobile screen.
  3. Choose settings privacy settings
  4. Find the Your Facebook Information 
  5. Choose Transfer Copy of Your Photos Or Videos (Password may be required here)
  6. Click the arrow by Choose Destination and pick Dropbox for your destination.
  7. Select what you desire to transfer, your photos and videos click next
  8. Log in to your Dropbox account and then allow Facebook Data Transfer to access your account.
  9. Click confirm transfer


All the photos or videos that you have uploaded to Facebook will now be transferred to your Dropbox account. You can track the progress on the “Transfer a Copy of Your Photos and Videos” page found in your Facebook settings. Facebook will also notify you when your transfer is complete.

Confirm all your info was properly transferred

Upon transfer completion, you will find the photos and videos saved in a new folder in your Dropbox account. To find the folder on Dropbox.com:

  • Sign in to dropbox.com.
  • Click All files in the left sidebar.
  • Click the Apps folder.
  • Click the Facebook Data Transfer folder.
  • Click the Photo Transfer or Video Transfer folder. Photos and videos will be sorted by album, if applicable.

We hope you found this tutorial helpful. Make sure to share this article with your friends who also desire to leave Facebook. 

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